The Easter long weekend away

The Easter long weekend away The Easter long weekend absolutely flew by! I feel like it was only an hour ago I was sitting at my desk contemplating what to take with me on my four days away from home/the office.

The most fantastic thing about my boyfriends family living in the Victorian coastal town of Lorne is the excuse to get away. Although, it seemed everyone else in Melbourne was getting away to Lorne as well... public holidays, am I right! As the local-in-law (ahum, meaning five year relationship) I am, I cursed at the tourists, and stayed comfortably wrapped in a quilt by the fire during my time there. I didn't even wander down to say hello to the chickens or bunny as I usually do! No no, I had plans to rest my dreary head, eat as many hot cross buns as my sickened stomach would let me, and drink so much tea I'd be wee-ing on the minute.

As the lovely entrepreneur my boyfriend is, our coastal getaway was short lived, and we were back in the city for him to get back to work. I however, was not ready to give up on my first long weekend as a freelancer! For it was Easter Sunday and that meant only one thing โ€“ you guessed it, edible gold, otherwise known as chocolate! I crashed at my mums house for a few more days to spend more time wrapped up in a quilt by the fire, drinking tea and eating chocolate till my stomach cried, 'no more'!

Now that the Easter weekend is over, I'm currently wrapped up in a quilt, eating leftover chocolate and drinking tea... if only I had a fireplace!