Alone Habits


I thoroughly enough my 'me' time, although I do get quite a lot of it.

Since I started working for myself, I'm alone all day until my housemates return from work. I thought I'd get over it, since I'm naturally a social person. I'm the type of person who finds the most talkative colleague in the office and befriends them. What can I say, I like to talk while I work!

Now that I work from home, I love (!) my mornings. Having time in the mornings is such a privilege. Imagine if the world had time to slow down, it would truly be a different place! I'm what I like to call a snooze-addict. I press snooze over and over again. Why? Because I really enjoy that almost awake but still asleep moment where you know you have to get up soon, but you've got a precious 30 - 40 minutes to relax. It's blissful. Once out of bed, I'll spend some time drinking my morning coffee, chowing down some breakfast, and just spending some guilt-free time on the Internet. After that I'll do some yoga to stretch out my stiffness from my nights sleep (am I weird or do you feel stiff in the mornings too?). Then it's time for a shower, and putting myself together for the day ahead.

Ultimately, I enjoy alone time at night. There's something about those last hours of your day, they feel really precious. I like to snuggle up in my bed and watch (or re-watch) a movie, read a novel, or simply write. Alone can include my boyfriend, it's nice just being in each others company but not really participating in each others world. Since I don't live with him, mostly alone means spending time with me. And I really believe enjoying your own company is something to be proud of!

Listening to: Chet Faker – Talk is Cheap

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