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Ah, weekends. Those two days of freedom where anything is possible. I don't know about you, but I live for the weekend!

In my books, those two little days off are jam packed full of everything a good life should entail! The better than perfect poached eggs, from the newest 'up-and-coming' cafe in your local area. The smell of a freshly made coffee bellowing out of your stovetop cooker. Sleeping-in till your body-clock wakes you. Riding down to the local farmers market to pick up your favourite goodies. Sharing a home cooked meal, with the ones you love over a bottle of wine. Really, what more could you ask for!

Somehow during the weekend, no matter what the weather, the air smells fresher, the birds chirp louder, and the possibilities feel endless. If only our lives could be a never-ending stream of weekends, where we could achieve everything imaginable! But something tells me we'd start taking our leisurely time off for granted, and nothing good can come of that I tell you!